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Founded in 1992, STKI is the leading market research and strategic analyst firm in Israel, covering the IT infrastructures, IT applications and IT services industry .

Over 16 years of experience in the IT analyst sector and thousands of annual face-to-face interviews with key industry participants have enabled us to establish solid, long-standing relationships with our customers.

Our customers include major IT organizations (government, financial institutions, telecoms, manufacturing, medical, education, etc) and IT suppliers/vendors (infrastructure and software suppliers, consulting and professional services firms).

STKI works closely with vendor senior management (strategy, business development, and marketing). Where end users are concerned, STKI meets with IT managers as well as with all levels of IT decision making, thereby attaining complete information of processes.

STKI's mission is to advise and analyze users of information technology as well as their suppliers while conducting original research and providing advisory services regarding all parts of the information system puzzle. Israel's foremost IT companies have come to rely on STKI's market-proven experience and expertise.

Our services include:
• Face-to-face meetings
• Round Tables for users
• STKI Analyst House Calls (for both users and vendors)
• CIO STKI "Help Desk"
• Inquiries
• Surveys
• Strategic Marketing Plans
• Workshops
• Annual Summit

Unlike some research and advisory firms STKI does NO CONSULTING WORK , allowing
our research to be totally unbiased, with no hidden agendas to promote any particular technology or vendor.
Our only goal is to help our clients make the right choices in the strategic and financial management of their information systems.





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